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Our process

1. 3D Scanning

After your part is delivered, OctoClassic engineers carefully measure and analyze hte geometry with our industrial 3D scanning equipment: Artec Spider and Artec Leo.

2. Engineering

Our experienced team of 3D modeling engineers create a preciese virtual representation of your original part using professional 3D CAD software.

In many cases, we will redesing the original part in the areas where it usally breaks and take advantage of technology and materials not available 30 years ago when your car was built. This together will ensure part longevity.

3. 3D Printing

We will take the 3D desing and 3D print a prototype to double-check the dimensions, and compare the prototype with the original part. In the end, we will use our industrial-grade laser sintering machines to produce your final part in the highest quality possilbe (precision 0.08 mm in most cases).

Materials available:

  • Durable plastics (Nylon, ABS, PC, etc..)
  • Composites (i.e. with carbon fiber)
  • Rubber-like materials
  • Metals (Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum)

4. Finishing

Every 3D printed part has to be post-processed and checked before is ready.

Usually the process consists of sand blasting, polishing, primining, painting and protective coating.

We have experience with finishing even the most quality demanding – interior parts – with briliant feedback from our customers all over the world.

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