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C124 Sealing SET 12 pieces left and right (Mercedes W124 Coupe)


For sale set: 12 pieces of rubbers and seals around the side windows completely for

Mercedes Benz C124 (w124 coupe )

Suitable for all W124 Coupe: 220 CE, 230 CE,300 CE, and as 300 CE-24 320 CE

from year of construction 11.1984-07.1997



The seals are all NEW.

Excellent quality and fitting accuracy.

The set includes (original mercedes parts numbers are for comparison):

Sealing rails rear window outside left and right 1246700538 1246700638

frame sealing A-C pillar right and left 1247200154 1247200254

Window guide on wing mirror right and left 1247251566 1247251666

Sealing rail door window outside left and right 1247201124 1247201224

Sealing rail door window inside left and right 1247200724 1247200824

Sealing rear window left and right 1246700939 1246701039

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