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The Essential Checklist Before Buying an Mercedes R129

Added on: November 2, 2022
Author: ak

The list of parts you need to check before you buy your SL.


I hope that this article helps you decide which car to buy and, if you want to restore an R129, how much it will cost. You will see why on the market you can find so many R129s and why there is such a price discrepancy.


First Look



Meter status 

Engine: in this case it is better for a mechanic to check engine heating, water and oil temperature, oil pressure


Gear box

Rust (wheel arches, sills under plugs)

Air condition

Cruise control 

Condition of wooden elements

Door panels (scratches)

Varnish thickness (original paint 70–140, second paint around 200)

Brake discs

Tires (tread thickness, degree of wear on the inside and external side)

Soft top (actuators, roll bar, computer, pump, soft top condition)

Seat control  

Coolant level 

Central lock 


Check the comparison of spare parts in the pre-facelift and face-lifted Mercedes R129. 

How original R129s should look:



Where to Buy Parts? 

Count before you buy your new Mercedes R129.


Exterior spare parts for classic Mercedes-Benz R129

  1. Tow hook cover 

Pre-lift (A1298800005): 

Pre-lift AMG (HWA1298800105):

Facelift: aftermarket

Facelift AMG (HWA1298850126, HWA1298850226):


  1. Jacking point cover

Pre-lift: aftermarket 

Facelift (A1296982730, A1296982630R, A1296982530L):

Facelift AMG (LF 1296980730, LB 1296980530): 


  1. Headlight wiper arm cap

1st generation: A12982400497007:

2nd generation: coming soon


  1. Front body wing panel vent 

Pre-lift (A1296980274, A1296980174): 

Facelift (A1296900474, A1296900474): 


  1. Wiper arm pivot cap

1st and 2nd generation Mercedes-Benz R129 (A1248240349):


  1. Hardtop back cover top molding trim 

1st and 2nd generation of MB R129 (A1297581181):


  1. Model designation, emblems

No longer available spare part Mercedes R129


  1. Antenna gasket 

Mercedes-Benz dealer cost around 30 GBB still available


  1. Soft top 

No longer available spare part for Mercedes R129. (Update: have seen a company start to produce it in the US. Try eBay US)


  1. Rims 

Check what rims fit your R129 model. LINK: 

You can also make a wheel rim regeneration, though be careful selecting the appropriate grey shade. 

Use only trusted garages.


Interior spare parts for classic Mercedes Benz R129


  1. Seat covers 

You can leave your car at a trusted upholsterer it can take around 1-month. 

Or, buy a ready set:

Professional removal of old covers and fitting of new ones should take up to an hour.


  1. Door lock plastic cover 

1st and 2nd generation (A1247230224):


  1. Seat Release Trim Cover Left or right


(1299190920, 1299190920): 


  1. Door glove compartment lid hinge 

Pre-lift (A1297270355 & A1297273488 or A1297270455):

Facelift ( A1297200848, A1297200748):


  1. Door panel trim plug

Facelift (A2107271088):


  1. Door speaker cover 

Pre-facelift: No longer available (NLA)


  1. Seat switch cover

Pre-facelift: aftermarket

Facelift: (A1297273988, A1297209370):

(A1298202710, A1298202810): 


  1. Door mirror triangle

1st and 2nd generation (A1297250711, A1297250811):


  1. Sun visor trim covers

(A1298110661, A1298110561): 


  1. Vanity mirror/make-up mirror 



  1. Vanity mirror pad 


  1. Rear view mirror 

Check out these five versions and their differences:


  1. Interior overhead console dome light 


or SOS version:


  1. Rear view mirror upper dome light cover 



  1. Rain sensor cover



  1. Roof lock cover caps


  1. Soft top handle 



  1. AC center grille air vent push tab



  1. Gear selector surround frame 



  1. Armrest lid latch button 



  1. Armrest side button 



  1. Armrest mechanism cover 



  1. Central console roller blind handle 

Check these three versions:



(Wooden or plastic):


> You can’t see them, but do check! Maybe you need themit!

  1. Gears 



  1. Roof hydraulic cylinders seal set


  1. Hood insulation pad


(1296802025): you can find them on eBay for around 50 GBP


> Did you check what you have in your trunk?

  1. Fuse box cover

Pre-facelift (A1296940095):

Facelift (A1296940195):


  1. Boot lock latch cover 



> What else is good to have when you buy your dream classic R129 Mercedes SL?


Set of keys 

Service history and service book

On-board computer

CD changer

Original radio 

Accessories: hardtop, windshot, hardtop stand, Mercedes tools 


If your car has everything from the above list, you are lucky and the value of your car is higher than 90% of cars on the market.

If the car you checked is complete, don’t think too much and make your dream come true. You’ll save a lot of time that you can spend on summer rides.

You can easily use this list to negotiate the price of the car. 


Good luck and see you on the road!

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