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Mercedes SL R129 facelift eco leather seat covers set

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Mercedes SL R129 facelift eco leather seat covers. Set: 2x seats covers (2x headrests cover, 2x lower seats covers, 2x backrests covers)


For sale seat covers for Mercedes SL r129 facelift. At the offered price, you get a set of 


covers for two seats: 

two headrest covers, 

two backrest covers and 

two lower seat covers, 


which have been carefully designed by us and made of eco leather. 


By buying from this auction you protect animals.


 The cover is made of two types of eco leather, classic and perforated, which thanks to ventilation provides greater comfort on sunny days. 

For your comfort, we have used an additional material lined from the bottom, which gives the seats volume and softness. 

The covers are available in the following colors:

  • Crema, which perfectly matches the champignion and cremebaige interior colors of your car. 
  • Black
  • Gray

In the photos you can see the covers fitted to a car in champignion interior color and color gray.

The photos show the same color of the upholstery and different daylight. Depending on your computer monitor, it may appear different.

Please notice that you are buying not all seats. 

We recommend installation by an experienced car upholsterer, it does not take more than 40 minutes


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