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R129 Soft Top Handle (Mercedes 1297780055)

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R129 Soft Top Handle (Mercedes 1297780055)

Reproduced with the highest quality!

Technology/Material: Laser Sintering with polymer powder (Polyamide PA12).

The material is highly durable with high temperature resistance up to 164*C)
Finishing: Sandblasting and painting
Quality: Premium
Price for 1 piece

Original Mercedes number: 1297780055

If you are unsure which colour trim your car has, don’t hesitate to send us your VIN using the chat box on the bottom right.

By purchasing our good quality 3D car parts, such as this beautiful and well made R129 Soft Top Handle, you will not only improve the look of your car to please your eyes, but also increase it’s value.

We recommend assembling our parts in professional workshops that have experience with those types of cars.

Thanks to an innovative 3D print technology and industrial machinery, we are able to create the product made from a stronger material than original and keep it the highest quality.

We also recommend using hot moistened piece of cloth to clean our car parts for best effects.

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MPN: A1297780055 / 1297780055 / A12977800558F30 / A12977800559051 / A12977800557101 / A12977800558326