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About us

About us

“The pioneers of a new era of classic cars”


OctoClassic is a combination of a passion for classic cars and new technologies. We are producers of spare parts for classic cars with the best quality, the same details, and colors as the original. We increase the collector’s value of cars and protect the cultural heritage by creating the largest catalog of spare parts for classic cars.

OctoClassic is a dynamically developing startup that is conquering global markets. Our products are the answer to the age-old problem of the availability of original parts and the quality of spare parts for classic cars. We completely understand how difficult it is sometimes to find parts for the classics, which is why we provide you with parts that perfectly match the original, thanks to improved technology that will last longer than the originals. Thanks to OctoClassic parts will be pleasing to the eye like never before. While we take care of the entire process of sourcing, design, printing, and production, you can enjoy weekend rides with your beloved car. We are convinced that in the near future even the most difficult car part to access, will be produced and available within 3 days anywhere in the world. This is possible, because of decentralized production and a digital 3D parts catalog.



Our products


Our parts are the result of 3D technology specialists and labor engineers. Behind each part, each people put their heart and skills to provide the parts that meet your expectations. The technological process starts from the scan of the original part. Sometimes the part is not complete or broken, in this case, it is necessary to design the frequency of the 3D model which is improved in 3D programs. After that, we print them on the best 3D printers available on the market. We started working with many engineers, but only a few of them were able to meet the challenges of designing a specific textured part. This is a real masterpiece! The best specialists who design OctoClassic parts stay with us so far. When it comes to quality, the printers we produce our parts are very important as well. Before we achieved the effect you see on your parts, we tested many 3D printing devices. We only use 3D printers which deliver the expected result. The last but not least thing is post-production, i.e. grinding, painting, and assembling the finished part if necessary. This one was also carefully refined by us for several months before the parts went on sale. We could not allow the part to differ in color from the original. We tested different combinations until we managed to get a color palette as same as the originals. Your satisfaction is our priority, even if we do not have the part you are looking for, we are able to recreate it for you. Check how it works hereWe are extremely proud of our products and constantly expanding the catalog. If you are not convinced to purchase our product, you may check the opinions of our customers. They are the best proof of our products’ success.


How it all started?


After meeting in the year 2019 Octoclassic founders decided to combine their skills: Filip’s in classic car restoration and Krystian’s in 3D engineering. Since there was no guarantee that their core concept would be viable and profitable, they decided to test it on one of Filip’s Mercedes R129 SL500. The first part they chose was the sun visor trim cover, which was a problematic and breakable part for many years because of its imperfect geometry and high sun exposure. That part was reengineered, reinforced and then 3D printed to complete the process, creating a convenient, durable, and high-quality replacement. Many other SL owners quickly recognized the quality of the work and requested multiple pieces for their and their friend’s cars. Octoclassic was slowly becoming recognizable.

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“Almost no manufacturers want to focus on classic car spare-parts, because the production volumes are too low, and no manufacturing technology is cost-effective enough to bridge that gap, except 3D printing. This is a great opportunity for all classic car lovers like us.”




“Finding new parts suitable for 3D printing quickly became our hobby and mission. There are plenty of parts in different cars which are really difficult to find on the aftermarket or the parts are very expensive.”


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