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Alfa spider, Porsche 944 Odometer repair kit 25t + 16t


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Odometer repair kit consisting of 2 gears:
1. A wheel with a disc (disc diameter 22mm) with a 16-tooth gear
2. Drive pulley placed on the pin of 25 teeth
The kit can be used in cars:

Alfa Romeo – Spider (83-89)

Porsche – 944 (2.85-91)

If the odometer does not show kilometers, check whether any of the elements of the set is not damaged.

Modes made by us are made of a much harder material than the original, they will not break until the end of the meter operation.

Disc sprocket dimensions:

H = 2.2 mm

D = 15.7 mm

Z = 16

Dial diameter: 22 mm

There were three types of discs with different diameters as shown in the last photo.

Dimensions of the small cog:

H = 3.5 mm

D = 10.6 mm

Z = 25

The color of the wheels may vary depending on the material used in production.

Attention! Due to the fact that cars with these meters are often several years old and their history is often unknown (possible replacement / repair of meters) to find out which mode is installed in your meter, the only sure way is to dismantle the meter, remove the old rack and checking the dimensions and number of teeth.



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