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C126 Rear Speaker Grille Cover (W126 SEC, SEL) 1268270224, A1268270124

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Reproduced with the highest quality!

Technology/Material: Durable polymer with high temperature resistance.
Finishing: Sandblasting and painting
Quality: Premium
Price for 1 piece (left or right)

Original Mercedes Benz serial numbers: 1268270224, A1268270124


14 colours are available. If you are unsure which colour trim your car has, don’t hesitate to send us your VIN using the chatbox on the bottom right.


If you want to replace the loudspeaker cover in your car, you don’t have to buy the whole one. Probably the metal mesh is good and you can easily remove it from the old speaker and install it on the new frame provided by Octoclassic. Please follow the metal mesh removal process according to our last picture. Installation is the reverse of removal.



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