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FX PROTECT Leather Upholstery Care Set


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FX PROTECT Leather Upholstery Care Set

The set includes:
Leather Cleaner 170ml
Leather Care 150ml
Blue Sky Microfiber Towel
Leather Brush Mini
Leather Brush
White microfiber sponge applicator
Mini guide on leather upholstery maintenance.

This elegantly packaged box contains the FX PROTECT set for maintaining leather upholstery. The advanced products deeply clean and protect delicate natural leather material. With this set, you can easily and conveniently clean leather seats, steering wheels, and other elements made from this natural material from current dirt and properly protect them for a long time. All necessary accessories are included!

FX PROTECT Leather Cleaner 170ml
A powerful yet gentle leather cleaner that effectively removes dirt and grime from leather surfaces without causing damage. The formula is pH balanced and contains no harsh chemicals or solvents that can harm the leather. It is safe for all types of leather upholstery, including perforated leather.

Leather Care 150ml
Leather Care 150ml is a product designed for the maintenance of leather upholstery. It helps to nourish and protect leather surfaces, keeping them soft and supple while preventing them from cracking and drying out. This product is easy to apply and provides long-lasting protection against wear and tear, and other environmental factors that can damage leather over time. With regular use, Leather Care 150ml can help extend the life of your leather upholstery and keep it looking its best.

Blue Sky Microfiber Towel: a soft and gentle cloth made of microfiber material that can be used to clean and polish leather surfaces without scratching or damaging them.
Leather Brush Mini: a small brush with soft bristles that is designed to remove dirt and dust from leather surfaces without causing any damage or scratches.
Leather Brush: a larger brush with soft bristles that can be used to remove stubborn dirt and stains from leather surfaces.
White Microfiber Sponge Applicator: a small sponge made of microfiber material that is used to apply leather care products evenly on leather surfaces.
Mini Guide on Leather Upholstery Maintenance: a small booklet containing instructions and tips on how to care for and maintain leather upholstery.