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VW Golf Wheel Centre Cap Cover 321601171B


VW Golf Wheel Centre Cap Cover 321601171B (Jetta, Scirocco)

Reproduced with the highest quality!

Technology/Material: Fused deposition with durable composite
Finishing: Sandblasting and base paint
Quality: Premium

You buy plug without VW logo, original with logo and ours without logo in the picture

This part is black, at the customer’s request, we can leave it without any colour, ready for painting, at the customer’s request, we can create a logo, the logo is an example.

Original Volkswagen serial numbers: 321601171B

By purchasing our good quality 3D car parts, like this beautiful and well made VW Golf Wheel Centre Cap Cover, you will not only improve the look of your car to please your eyes, but also increase it’s value.We recommend assembling our parts in professional workshops that have experience with those types of cars.

We recommend using a hotel moistened piece of cloth to clean our 3D car parts for best results.

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