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W126 Seat Adjustment Knob for Mercedes-Benz W126

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W126 Seat adjustment Knob

Part Created for Mercedes-Benz W126

Side: Left or Right

Color: black

Product available

Part created thanks to an innovative 3D print technology and industrial machinery.

Product attributes:

  • Better quality (PA12 is better than ABS which crumbles over the years)
  • Upgraded design and thickness of parts in the places where it was often damaged
  • Resilience

Purchase our good quality 3D car parts, such as this well made W126 Seat adjustment Knob.
You will not only improve the look of your car to please your eyes, but also increase it’s value.

We recommend assembling our 3D printed car parts in professional workshops, by experts who have experience with those types of cars. This way you can avoid any damages or wrongly installed parts.

Use hot moistened piece of cloth to clean our 3D car parts for best results.

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MPN: A1268210958 / 1268210958 / A1268210558 /1268210558


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