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BMW E30 M3 buyers guide

BMW E30 M3 buyers guide

Added on: July 7, 2023
Author: OctoClub

1. What series is the BMW E30 M3?
2. How many BMW E30 M3 are there?
3. What is the rarest BMW E30 M3?
4. Why BMW E30 M3 is so special?

What series is the BMW E30 M3?

This is a guide for buyers of the BMW E30 M3. The BMW E30 M3 is part of the BMW 3 Series. It is a specific variant of the E30 generation, which was produced from 1986 to 1991. The E30 M3 is a high-performance version of the regular E30 and is known for its sporty design, improved aerodynamics, and powerful engine. It was developed primarily for homologation purposes, allowing BMW to compete in various motorsport events.

BMW E30 M3

How many BMW E30 M3 are there?

The exact number of BMW E30 M3 cars produced is not known, as BMW did not release official production figures specifically for the E30 M3. However, it is estimated that approximately 17,184 units were manufactured during its production run. It’s worth noting that production numbers varied by year and market, with different versions and editions being available in different quantities. The limited production numbers, combined with its popularity among automotive enthusiasts, contribute to the E30 M3’s desirability and collectability today.

BMW E30 M3

What is the rarest BMW E30 M3?

The rarest version of the BMW E30 M3 is considered to be the Sport Evolution (Evo III) model. Only 600 units of the Sport Evolution were produced, making it highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. It was the final and most extreme iteration of the E30 M3, featuring various performance upgrades and unique design elements. The Sport Evolution boasted an enlarged 2.5-liter engine with increased power output, improved aerodynamics, adjustable rear wing, lightweight body panels, and upgraded suspension components. Its limited production numbers and enhanced performance make it the most coveted and rarest variant of the BMW E30 M3.

BMW E30 M3

Why BMW E30 M3 is so special?

Here are a few reasons why the BMW M3 is exceptional:

  • The BMW M3 combines high-performance capabilities with luxurious comfort, offering a versatile driving experience.
  • It is known for its powerful engines, precise handling, and impressive acceleration, making it a thrill to drive on both the road and the track.
  • The M3’s aggressive and aerodynamic design elements give it a distinctive and sporty appearance, setting it apart from other vehicles.
  • It has a rich motorsport heritage, with a strong presence in various racing series around the world, solidifying its reputation as a high-performance icon.
  • The M3 has continuously pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering, showcasing technological advancements and innovative features throughout its generations.
  • It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing drivers to tailor their M3 to their personal preferences and tastes.
  • The M3 has a dedicated and passionate community of enthusiasts who appreciate its performance, craftsmanship, and driving dynamics.
  • It represents the pinnacle of BMW’s M Division, showcasing their expertise in creating exhilarating and engaging performance cars.

Overall, the BMW M3 stands out for its combination of performance, luxury, design, and the unique driving experience it offers.



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