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Bicycle Tracker Waterproof Holder Kit For AirTag & Tile Sticker (Anti Theft / Fork Plug)


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Bicycle Tracker Holder Kit For AirTag and Tile Sticker (Anti Theft / Fork Plug)

The sleek, lightweight and concealed Secure AirTag Holder Kit slides into the fork steerer tube and attaches with a secure stainless steel Torx screw. The plug fits most bikes manufactured since 2015. For use with the Apple Air Tag, the inner diameter of the fork must be 31.9 mm or larger. For use with Android Tile Sticker, the inner diameter of the fork must be 30 mm or more.

Most thieves will have quick access to an ordinary allen wrench, so we designed the plug to use a security screw to ensure that the plug cannot be removed without the advanced tools that are included.
AirTags is an Apple tracker that can be used with the highest accuracy to locate a stolen bike. Use the FindMy app on your iPhone to track AirTag. Tile Stickers are the Android equivalent of AirTags. Tile Sticker also works with Apple products.

Product advantages:

Features a flexible sleeve that prevents water and mud from entering and provides an extremely tight fit with no failures.

Utilizes TX30S stainless steel locking screw.

The bolt cover prevents the bolt head from getting damaged or dirty and provides a nice finish to the steerer tube.

It has multiple mounting parts to ensure it will fit your equipment.

How does it work?

It works by squeezing a flexible bushing between two surfaces, which creates an extremely strong friction fit in the steerer tube.

This serves not only as a hidden tracker, but also as a fork stopper that prevents water and mud from entering and damaging the steerer tube.

*Must have your own AirTag and iPhone or Tile sticker and smartphone*.